I never insulted anyone, and never cussed someone out, But everytime i write something, you delete it. I criticize people sometimes, it doesnt mean i hate them. All i want from you is to stop deleting my posts. I will NEVER cuss anyone, those arent my intentions. I feel like you delete my posts because you feel they might hurt someone.


Please its irritating.

Guest Jun 23, 2017

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maybe you shouldn't criticize people???...

Synth  Jun 23, 2017

See? this is the problem i was talking about. Criticizing is not bad, criticizing is good. Its our way to help others improve. criticizing is NOT insulting, And if we cant take one criticism then we're in an awful situation. The mods think that if ill ever criticize someone, he'll get hurt, which is why they delete each and every one of my posts.

Guest Jun 23, 2017

Actually, criticizing isn't actually that good unless you mean it in a good way, such as constructive criticism. If the moderators feel that it is something inappropriate or hurtful to others, they may remove it. Intentional or not, please don't do anything rude.

ChristopherGold  Jun 23, 2017

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