Frank is going to cover the wall with rectangular tiles.

the width of the wall is 6m and the length of the wall is 1.8m

Each tile is 60cm by 30cm 

3/5 of the tiles will be white.

Some of the tiles will be green.

The rest of the tiles will be blue.

The ratio of the number of green tiles to the number of blue tiles will be 1:3

Assuming there are no gap between the tiles, how many tiles of each colour will Frank need?

Guest Oct 6, 2017

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600 x 180 =108,000 cm^2- area of the wall
60 x 30 =1,800 cm^2- area of 1 tile
108,000 / 1,800 =60 tiles in total
60 x 3/5 =36 tiles will be  white.
60 - 36 =24 tiles will be blue and green
1/[1+3] x 24 =6 tiles will be green
3/[1+3] x 24 =18 tiles will be blue.

Guest Oct 6, 2017

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