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Let a and b be real numbers. the function h(x)=ax+b satisfies h(1)=5 and h(-1)=1. what is h(6)?


\(\text{Let } a\text{ and }b\text{ be real numbers. The function }h(x)=ax+b\text{ satisfies }h(1)=5 \text{ and }h(-1)=1.\text{ What is }h(6)?\)

 Mar 10, 2019

\(\text{This is just a point slope problem in disguise}\\ \text{the two points are }(x_1,y_1)= (1,5),~(x_2,y_2) = (-1,1)\\ \text{determine the slope of the line } a = \dfrac{y_2-y_1}{x_2-x_1}\\ \text{use that with either point to determine }b\\ \text{then }h(6) = a (6) + b\)

 Mar 10, 2019

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