A inputs a real number, subtracts 100, then outputs the square root of the result if it is real.

 B inputs a date, then outputs the name of a person born on that date.

 C inputs a real number x, then outputs a real number y that is less than 1/1000 larger than x

 D inputs a real number x, then outputs the result of the calculation x^2-1/(x-1)(x+1).

 E inputs a real number x, then a coin is flipped. If the coin flips heads, the output is x+2. If the coin flips tails, the output is x+3.

 F inputs a person, then outputs their birth date.


Which of these are functions. If there are more than one then seperate them by commas like B, C, D.


Thank You!!!

 Mar 7, 2022

In a function, every input must have exactly 1 output. For example,f(x) = x + 1 is a function, because every value of x has exactly 1 value of y. Using this, you can find which ones qualify. 

 Mar 7, 2022

The functions are A, D, F

 Mar 8, 2022

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