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Good evening! 

I know I asked a question concerning this subject earlier, and I did understand the process used to solve it, however, I have a question of a somewhat similar type and the answer I have selected was incorrect. Any help on the process to solve this problem is greatly appreciated. The subject concerns Trigonometry and goes as follows:


The bearing from City A to City B is N 32° E. The bearing from City B to City C is S 58° E. An automobile driven at 55 mph takes 1.6 hours to drive from City A to City B and takes 1.4 hours to drive from City B to City C. Find the distance from City A to City C.


The distance from CIty A to City C is aproximately __ miles.


When solving this, I was able to gt 74.8 as an answer, but it shows that the question was marked incorrect. Any assistance is GREATLY appreciated! Thank you and have a nice night!

 Sep 18, 2018

Here is my rough sketch:


 Sep 18, 2018

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