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The luxor is in the shape of a square pyramid. The height is 350 feet tall and the base is a square with side lengths of 64 feet tall. What is the angle of elevation from the ground at the base to top of the building? round to the nearest degree.

if you were standing on top of the luxor looking down to the edge of the base. what would the angle of depression be? ( hint: you can use the answer from on top to help you.)

 Mar 6, 2019
edited by Guest  Mar 6, 2019
edited by Guest  Mar 6, 2019

I'm  assuming that you mean the base length is 64 feet


We can use the tangent inverse to find the angle of elevation....this is given by


arctan (height / half of base length)  =  angle of elevation


arctan (350 / 32) = angle of elevation ≈  84.7°


The angle of depression =  angle of elevation



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 Mar 6, 2019

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