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Hi, I posted a very similar question yesterday, I understand the steps for that one now (Thank you Cphill!) but I am really lost as how to approach this one. Yesterday the question was asking for the measure of angle t, and your explanation was well done, but unfortunately this one is trickier for me. Please help! (sorry for constantly asking, i'm learning.)

 Jan 31, 2018

Actually....this one is a liitle easier.....


If you can envision this


Let's call the vertex of the 73°  angle "A," and from here,  "travel"  up to the vertex  of  angle z


Let us call the vertex of this angle "B"


And from this vertex "travel'  up to the  vertex of the 131°  angle....let's call this vertex "C"


Now....from this vertex "travel"  over to the vertex of the 42°  angle


Let's call this vertex  "D"


Now....from this vertex, "travel"  back to "A"


So.....we have a quadrilateral ABCD


And the sum of the interior angles of a quadrilateral = 360°


So....this implies that


Measure of A  + Measure of B + Measure of C + Measure of D  =  360


So  we have


73  +  z  +  131  +  42   =  360       simplify


246  + z   =  360       subtract 246 from both sides


z  =  114°


Don't worry about asking too many questions.. sometimes..it's the only way to learn....!!!




cool cool cool

 Jan 31, 2018
edited by CPhill  Jan 31, 2018

Wow! I actually understood it that way! Thanks so much, you're the bomb cphil. smiley Have a great day :)

Guest Jan 31, 2018

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