You have to find angle x. I got this question whilst watching a educational youtube video, but I am not sure how and I keep getting x = 0 degrees. The youtube video also doesn't explain the solution or give one. Please help me with this... Thanks....


-proyaop :)

 Feb 14, 2022

Maybe first explain your solution, so we can perhaps figure out what's wrong?

 Feb 14, 2022

I got it.. angle x is 15 degrees. The perpendicular from D to CB is half of CD. The perpendicular from D to AB and the perpendicular from D to CB form a rectangle. Thus, you can do some 30-60-90 shenanigans, and get that the perpendicular from D to AB (point p) is 2 - sqrt(3) times AP. Thus, with the side ratios I discovered, I got x = 15 degrees. :D :D :D


Do the math if you are a bit confused, i big brained it lol :)

 Feb 14, 2022

it's great you found it out yourself i also got 15 degrees which is a tiny bit of proof your answer is in fact correct

 Feb 15, 2022

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