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We know $\overline {DE}\parallel \overline {BC}.$ Given $[ADE]=9$ and $[CDE]=6,$ find $[ABC].$ [asy] size(5cm); pair A,B,C,D,EE; B=(0,0); C=(5,0); A=(3,3); D=(2A+3C)/5; EE=(2A+3B)/5; draw(C--B--A--C--EE--D); label("$A$",A,N); label("$B$",B,SW); label("$C$",C,SE); label("$D$",D,E); label("$E$",EE,W); [/asy]


Sorry that I can't show the image! I'll continue trying to get it.

 Dec 26, 2018

It is more than just the pic. If you want to present questions like this I suggest you put a bit of effort into learning to present LaTex.

I attempted to translate it but it took too much effort.  Maybe someone else will allot adequate time to do it.

If they do then do not forget to thank them. 

 Dec 26, 2018

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