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1. In order to unload clay easily, the body of a dump truck must be elevated to at least 50°. The body of a dump truck that is 15 feet long has been raised to 9 feet. Will the clay pour out easily? Show your work and draw a diagram to support your answer.

 May 6, 2019

The dump truck body represents the hypotenuse of a right triangle....one leg is 9ft ...this is the leg OPPOSITE of the angle that needs to be at least 50 degrees....

sin x = opposite/hypotenuse

sin x = 9/15        x = asin(9/15) = 36.869897645844  degrees    Not high enough yet......


Let's find out how high it needs to be:


sin 50 = x/15       x = 15*(sin(50)) = 11.490666646785 ft

 May 6, 2019

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