1) I is the incenter of triangle ABC. If angle ABC = 78^\circ$ and angle ACB = 47^\circ,$ find angle BID, in degrees.

2) Find angle C in degrees.

3) I is the incenter of triangle ABC. We have CE = 15, AE = 6, and AB = 10. Find AI/ID provided that BF=125/23, and BC=25.

4) The incircle of triangle ABC is shown. Find the area of triangle ABC

5) Find the area of triangle ACE

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 Apr 21, 2024

Problem 1)


Since ∠ABC=78∘ and ∠ACB=47∘, then ∠BAC=180∘−78∘−47∘=55∘.


Let D be the foot of the altitude from B to AC. Then ∠ABD=∠ABC=78∘.


Triangle ABD is a 30-60-90 triangle, so ∠ADB=60∘ and ∠BAD=30∘.


Since I is the incenter, ∠BAI=∠CAI=∠BAC/2=27.5∘. Then ∠ABI=∠BAI+∠BAD=57.5∘.


Triangle ABI is a 30-57.5-92.5$ triangle, so ∠BID = ∠ABI/2 = 46.25∘​.

 Apr 24, 2024

Problem 2)


Since BD=AD=AC then triangle ABC is isosceles with AB=AC. Therefore, ∠ABC=∠ACB=x (for some angle measure x ).


Since D is on side BC so BD=AD, then line AD is an angle bisector of ∠A. Therefore, ∠BAD=∠CAD=2∠A​.


Since the angles in a triangle sum to 180∘, then in triangle ABC, ∠A+∠B+∠C=180∘. Substituting x for ∠B and ∠C, we get ∠A+x+x=180∘.


Solving for ∠A, we get ∠A=180∘−2x.


We are also given that ∠BAD=∠CAD=2∠A​. Substituting the expression for ∠A that we just found, we get 2180∘−2x​=∠BAD=∠CAD.


Because the sum of the angles in a triangle is 180∘, then in triangle ABD, ∠BAD+∠ABD+∠ADB=180∘.


Substituting 78∘ for ∠ABD (since BD=AD=AC and triangle ABC is isosceles), we get 2180∘−2x​+78∘+90∘=180∘.


Solving for x, we get x=31∘​.


Therefore, angle ACB = 31 degrees.

 Apr 24, 2024

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