The distance from Capital City to Little Village is 51 miles.  From Capital City to Yourtown is 37 miles, from Mytown to Little Village is 8 miles, and from Yourtown to Mytown is \(6\) miles.  How far is it from Mytown to Capital City?

 May 7, 2022

C to Y is 37 and  C to L is 51  so the minimum distance possible between Y and L is 14


Now M to Y is 6 and  and M to L is 8 .   

 I already know that YL is a minimum of 14

So that means that   MYL must be collinear points  ( all on one line.


this means that C, Y, M, L are all  collinear.


You can finish it.


Here is a pic.


 May 8, 2022

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