Joshua has a ladder that is 12 ft. long. He wants to lean the ladder against a vertical wall so that the top of the ladder is 11.8 ft. above the ground. For safety reasons, he wants the angle the ladder makes with the ground to be no greater than 75°. Will the ladder be safe at this height? Show your work and draw a diagram to support your answer.


My Answer: 


No, it is neither safe nor possible for a 12 ft. ladder to be leaded up against the wall at 75 and have the ladder 11.8 ft. above the ground. *But I don't understand or know how I got this answer, or how to draw the diagram. Sorry*




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KennedyPape  Apr 15, 2018

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We will have a right triangle , here....the hypotenuse is 12   and the side opposite the angle of interest will be 11.8


So....we have the opposite side and the hypotenuse.....


To    find this angle.....use the   sine inverse (arcsin)....so we have


arcsin (11.8 / 12)  =  79.52°


So...not safe  !!!!


Here's a pic: 




cool cool cool

CPhill  Apr 16, 2018

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