A square array of 16 dots is formed producing a square 3 units by 3 units. If 4 of the dots are connected, as shown, they form another square. The area of the small square is _______ of the area of the lager square. 

Guest Oct 19, 2017

The area of the larger square is  9 square units


Note that we also have four other triangles bordering the smaller triangle each with an area of

(1/2) * 1 * 2  =   1 square unit....so 4 of them have an area of 4 square units


So....the area of the smaller triangle is   [ 9 - 4]  =  5 square units


So....the area of the smaller triangle is 5/9 that of the larger triangle


cool cool cool

CPhill  Oct 19, 2017

Find the areas of the triangles around it (which is 4 units) and subtract it from the entire square (9 units)




Find the areas of each traingle inside the square and add 1 unit for the square by itself in the middle

Guest Oct 19, 2017

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