Find the area of the figure.


 Aug 30, 2020

What is a square minus two triangles?



No, it's not this super adorable bunny wink


It's the question you posted! 


As you see, your question is just a 10 x 10 square minus two right triagles! (which, may I tell you, is the exact inverse of a bunny! about inverse functions, though it is not needed at all to solve this problem)


Anyways, we now need to solve or the area of the two triangles and the area of the 10 x 10 square.


10 x 10 square:


This is simple. It literally says "10 by 10". Which means, we multiply 10 by 10. See, sometimes english is so literal that it makes life easier.


10 x 10 = 100


Two triangles:


What do two triangles make? Here is a list of answers:

- full grilled cheese

- a diamond

- an abstract house

- a skateboard ramp

- a pair of super fasionable high heels


You see, the list is endless. But, the answer we are looking for is "a rectangle". (See? I've bolded it for your conveniance)


So, how does that simplify anything? Well, instead of dividing by 2, we can just multiply base x height. Easy :P


Base x Height = 5 x 2      <------ got 2 by (10 - 6)/2

= 10


Anddd.... we've got the answer! Or have we....yet...


All we need to do is subtract (or add, if you want a cute pet bunny, but that won't help in this case)


100 - 10 = ?


Or, are you too lazy to solve all those very simple steps that I solved in less than a minute? Then....what should you do? Well, here is a tip:


" For those who are too lazy to solve 100 - 10, this is for you. Instead of doing math to solve a math problem, go to your nearest Pet Co. shop and buy a bunny. Then, find a way to 'inverse' it's ears. There, you got a demented bunny AND a solved math problem. 2 in 1 package! "


hopefully, you don't follow that tip, and HAVE ENOUGH energy to solve 100 - 10, so that you could save the life of a poor bunny. like the one shown above.



 Aug 30, 2020

area = 102 - √100  laugh

 Aug 30, 2020

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