pls help me with these two question im not understanding

 Mar 3, 2018

Wow....you have posted a BUH-Jillion questions....and many are VERY SIMILAR !!!!


First of all, what do YOU think the answers are?   Have you TRIED to get an answer   ??   What did you get for an answer?

     volume of a cone = V = pi r^2 h/3      try that , then get back to me with what you find.


Second part..... What do YOU think the answers are for this one?  Have you tried?

 Mar 3, 2018
edited by ElectricPavlov  Mar 3, 2018

and yes i have tried to solve them i just want to check if i am right because for the first one i got 602.88 but im not sure if thats corect

cerenetie  Mar 4, 2018

602.88cm3 is correct!


You're learning well!

TheXSquaredFactor  Mar 5, 2018

Uh... What’s a BUH-Jillion?

Uh... I don’t know. I don’t think.

Uh... no I haven’t tried.

I DON’T understand that complicated formula, it’s too hard, I don’t understand it. I need help just to log on and post these questions.

Uh... I didn’t get an answer because I haven’t tried.

Uh... I don’t know what the answers are. I haven’t tried. I’m waiting for CPhill to answer them.


Why are you so mean? Why are you a bully? Why are you being mean to me?

 Mar 3, 2018

sorry i know it seems troublesome these are for my study packet 100 pages im trying to study for my math but these questions are just getting to me ive been needing to prepare for the upcoming exam

cerenetie  Mar 4, 2018

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