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I really really need help with these asap please please. Thank you in advance for taking your time to read this

 Apr 3, 2018

All of these are solve using exactly the same procedure


I'll do the first one....you should be able to do the rest based on this....


If we have two sides of a triangle and an included angle between these sides, which is is exactly the case in every one of these....the area of the triangle =


(1/2)  (product of the sides)*sin (included angle)


So....for the first one we have


Area  = (1/2) (2.7 * 3.4) sin (40°)   = (1/2) (9.18) sin (40° )  ≈   2.95 ft^2


Let us know if you run into trouble....but.....I think you can solve every one of these if you follow my example....



cool cool cool

 Apr 4, 2018

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