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1.) Grogg draws an equiangular polygon with g sides, and Winnie draws an equiangular polygon with w sides, where g


For this question, I already came up with the equation:


360/g = 180(w-2)  But I don't know where to go from here or even if this is correct. 


2.) ABCDEF  is a concave hexagon with exactly one interior angle greater than  (The diagram of  below is not drawn to scale.) Noah measured the marked angles, getting 80, 85 , 90 ,95 , 105 , 120 and 125. What interior angle measure of the hexagon, in degrees, is missing from Noah's list?

 Jan 14, 2019
edited by Guest  Jan 14, 2019

There is no question for #1


And for the second one, we need to know which angles are A, B, C, D.....etc.



cool  cool cool

 Jan 14, 2019

My bad! I have such bad eyes, jeez...


1.) Grogg draws an equiangular polygon with g sides, and Winnie draws an equiangular polygon with w  sides, where g is less than w. If the exterior angle of Grogg's polygon is congruent to the interior angle of Winnie's polygon, find w.



For number two, that's all of the information it gives me.. I'm assumming that we just figure it out without knowing exactly which is which? 

noobieatmath  Jan 14, 2019
edited by noobieatmath  Jan 14, 2019

You do not need to know which angles are which and please, note that this figure is not drawn to scale. You have to first calculate the sum of interior angles and see now many angles degrees are missing. Then see which of the interior angles supplied fit with this sum to make it 360.

Guest Jan 16, 2019

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