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Hello, I partially understand all these questions, but I need help with all of them so I understand it completely so I'll post separately.


This figure shows circle O with chords AC and BD .

​m /_ AB =34∘
m /_ CD =34∘
AP=6 m ​
PC=8 m


What is BD ?



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 Mar 9, 2018
edited by Guest  Mar 9, 2018
edited by Guest  Mar 9, 2018

Draw BC

We have triangle  BPC

Angle PBC  = PCB  because they are inscribed angles intercepting the same arc

So....the sides opposite thes angles are equal....so... BP = PC  = 8m


Draw AD

And we have triangle APD

For the same reasonas above angle  PAD = angle PDA

So.....AP  =  PD = 6m


So....BD  = BP + PD   =  8 +  6     =   14 m



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 Mar 9, 2018

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