1. A. In parallelogram ABCD, A = (3, 4), B = (1, 3), and C = (5, 1). Find the coordinates of D.

    B. Find the area of parallelogram ABCD.





2.  In the diagram, tanC = 2.4. Find cos A.


3. A line goes through (2, 3) and (−8,−2). The line has an x-intercept of P and a y-intercept of Q. Find the area of triangle OPQ. (no image) 


4. ABCDEFGH is a rectangular prism with CD = 5, AD = 6, and AE = 8. Find the volume of tetrahedron ABCF.


5.  What is the total surface area of this prism?

6. A cylinder and a cone have the same height, but the base radius of the cylinder is only half that of the cone. If the volume of the cylinder is 1, then what is the volume of the cone?


7. In the diagram below, find AC.



thanks in advance for anyone who can help!

also, i'm so sorry melody for posting a lot in one post, the website has been really slow the past couple of days and i am again reviewing for another test

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 May 25, 2021
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i'm not sure, I think it is just a bit slow

iamhappy  May 25, 2021

Human moderators have not blocked these images, nor can we see them or unblock them.

They have been blocked automatically.  Maybe they are copyrighted?

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For anyone who can answer this question, if you drag the blocked by moderator image to another tab, you can see the picture there!

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