If all the angles in the figure shown are right angles, what is the perimeter of the figure?


^^^^^ Picture for the question

Is the answer 10+12+10+12+7+7+6=20+24+14+6





Is the answer 64?


Thank you for helping-


 Dec 7, 2019

Hi Tom,


I do these by colour coding the sides (horizonal and vertical) and imagining them be pushed out to get rid of all the indents.


So for me this problems becomes.


horizontal    10+7+7+10 =  34

vertical     12+12+ 3+3   = 30


altogether = 64

So I believe your answer is correct.

 Dec 7, 2019

Color coding?


I should try that next time.


I pushed out the sides as well but got confused on one side.


Thank you for verifying my answer!



tommarvoloriddle  Dec 7, 2019

It's interesting, I used to spell color like colour here in the US, and my teachers said that was wrong...


We speak the same language, yet its different...


Idk just something interesting on my part...

tommarvoloriddle  Dec 7, 2019

Yes, at some point in time the Americans decided to get rid of some of the illogical spelling in the English language.

So there are now two recognised subsets of written English.  The english one and the USA one.  I am Australian so the correct one for me to use is the English one.



To bad Americans can't extend their logic and get rid of their imperial units of measure.

Most other countries got rid of those around 40 years ago.

Melody  Dec 7, 2019
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I use both but I keep mixing them up. If only if we had to run one km instead of a mile...

tommarvoloriddle  Dec 7, 2019

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