If I > M and M > n, what is the relationship between the values I and N?

 Dec 10, 2019

I > M > n    should be pretty obvious....but let's just pick some numbers to put in there...


I = 10   M = 5     then      I > M     because   10 > 5


Now suppose   we pick '2' for n    then   M>n  because   5>2


Now what do you find for the relationship between  I  and n ?     I =10   n = 2

 Dec 10, 2019

Its similar to if a = b and b = c, then a = c. If I is greater than M and M is greater than N, than N is less than all other variables, so N


Think about it on a number line:

I is going to be the furthest to the right, then M, then finally, N.


              N            M         I                  



does this fulfill our requirements? I is greater than M, M is greater than N. So, therefore, by looking at this, we can determine that N is less than I.

 Dec 10, 2019

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