Given: m || n, m∠1=65∘, m∠2=60, and BD−→bisects ∠ABC.

Prove m∠6=70∘

It is given that m∥n, m∠1=65∘,m∠2=60∘, and BD−→bisects ∠ABC. Because of the triangle sum theorem, 

∘m∠3=55∘ . By the ________, ∠3≅∠4, so m∠4=55∘. Using the ________, 

m∠ABC=110∘. m∠5=110∘ because vertical angles are congruent. Because of the ________

m∠5+m∠6=180∘. Substituting gives 110∘+m∠6=180∘. So, by the __________, m∠6=70∘.



Options: [Definition of bisector], [Transitive property of equality],[angle addition postulate],

[same side interior angles theorm] ,  [corresponding angles postulate],  [alternate interior angles postulate],   [subtraction property of equality],   [linear pair of postulate]

Guest Dec 11, 2017

Definition of Bisector


Angle Addition Postulate


Same Side Interior Angles Theorem


Subtraction Property of Equality



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CPhill  Dec 11, 2017

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