Can anyone challenge my skills with a generally hard 3D geometry question, I have basic knowledge of trig too, and algebra, but no knowledge of graphing. Give me a problem and I will try my best to answer.

Guest May 29, 2017

You want a challenging 3D geometry question, but you have only basic trig and algebra knowledge and no graphing knowledge.


That’s like saying you want to climb Mt Everest or K2, but you only have two dinky pitons, no rope, and you can’t climb the molehills in your backyard, even when you can find them. 

Guest May 29, 2017

Hard - means different things to different people. You are imposing your own interpretation on this word.

I think perhaps that Hectictar has a more correct interpretation of what the asker may be meaning.



Asker .. you need to be more specific when you ask your questions. !

HARD is a meaningless word when you use it as you have.

Melody  May 30, 2017

Hey..I think I can make up one that only requires basic trig and algebra knowledge smiley


Once upon a time there was a boy named Chris. He liked to eat potato chips and watch football on TV. One day, Chris decided that he needed a place to store all his potato chips. So, he set out to make a gigantic silo to hold all the chips.


The bottom was to be shaped like a cylinder, and the top shaped like a cone. The entire thing, from the lowest point to the highest point, was to be 100 feet tall.


The diameter of the cylinder, as well as the cone at the top, will be 30 feet. The angle formed inside the silo by the wall of the cylinder and the wall of the cone will be 110º.


What is volume of the silo?




Here's roughly how it looked like:  laughlaugh

hectictar  May 29, 2017

Im in 6th grade, im not going to be a rocket scientist. I know the basics of all of those(Algebra, Trig, Calculus) , I just haven't gone through the process of learning how to graph. thanks for all the help guys.

Guest May 31, 2017

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