I know that the majority of you are really good when it comes to studying, and skill. 
Unfortunately though, my study habits are ineffective in a way and they are starting to lower my grades as I am extremely worried...
If it is okay with you guys, 
can you please share some of your good study habits, or ways of studying with me? maybe some helpful tips? what i should do and not do? 

anything really that you think might help 

I just really want to improve this before it becomes a bad habit and something hard to get rid of...

thank you :')

 Oct 22, 2019

I can usually avoid studying in most classes by paying attention and doing hw and stuff.

If that fails, then if the teacher gives you some list of things to know for the test thats usually a good place to start. I usually look over that and fill in stuff I don't know from notes and stuff. (this is also a great resourse for cramming right before the test, totally don't know that from experience)

When I need to learn a list of vocab words I use Quizlet. Also comming up with weird associations between words and definitions helps me remember things, like what a word sounds like or how its spelled. Even sitting there trying to come up with something to remember a word by helps.

It usually helps me to look at something, come up with a few words or short phrases about it, say it in my head/wisper it, say it w/o the paper a few times, then come back later and see if I can still remember it. This is good for knowing a concept or comparing/contrasting stuff, where you really only need to know the general idea, then be able to lengthen and add detail to it on the test.


Anyways my study habbits are atrocious, so take this with a grain of salt (or maybe a whole shaker full).

 Oct 22, 2019

Maybe you could put all distractions aside, and make it harder for you to reach them. For example, you could make a study place/table somewhere that doesn't include distractions, such as a computer, phone, game, etc (unless you need some of those things to look something up, or if your resources to study are online). You could also try joining or creating a study group and study with them to make you feel more motivated, and taking breaks if you need them --just be sure to go back to studying in about 10-15 mins! Also, if you procrastinate, even if it's as short as let's say an hour, the task you are trying to get done will seem bigger and bigger, and you're likely not to accomplish as much as you could've.

Hope this helps smiley!

 Oct 22, 2019

thank you guys so so so much! <3 
i really really realllyyyyyyy appreciate it ::)

 Oct 22, 2019

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