I am transferring to the AoPS forum sad


Don't worry, I will check back on the website everyday, I just won't answer questions formally that much. (Probably once a week or two?)

maybe I will reply in some small sentences in social conversations...

I have decided to focus more on AoPS and use that as my hobby and resource.



And plus, Web2.0 actually causes me to procrastinate a little. So I decided it would be the better off for me to lessen the use of it.



This is NOT as severe as Rom's leaving, I am just going to be on much less frequently...


Also thank you web2.0calc for making me love math starting at the beginning of 7th grade. My math journey has been 2 years and counting, thank you.




If you hadn't noticed, I sort of started doing this already the past month. This is really just my formal status update.

 Nov 21, 2019
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Gonna' miss you, CU....you are a real asset on here!!!


Don't be a stranger....!!!


cool cool cool

 Nov 21, 2019

yup i already am

CalculatorUser  Nov 21, 2019

Before I leave, just gonna say this



Web2.0Calc has changed my life. I went from a normal kid at school to someone who loves math and dreams of a bright future (ok maybe not so much anymore because school is depressing).


I was using the online calculator one day when I was curious and clicked "forum".


I was intrigued at the type of math questions that were asked. My view on math at the time was boring and easy, as school doesn't really provide you with the best math. But seeing the math problems, I was immediately hooked and I wanted to solve them.


At first, I asked some questions, then I started answering them. Soon I was using this as my "second education", literally the amount of things I learned from here is insane.


Of course, there is AoPS, but that wouldn't have been in my life if it weren't for Web2.0Calc


This is my massive thank you to this website, it made me into a nerd, and I am grateful for that.

 Nov 21, 2019

Hi CalculatorUser,

I am really pleased that this forum has enabled you to become hooked on maths. 

If a place like this had existed when I was in High School I would have become totally addicted to it.

Not much has changed for me I guess. laugh


Still,  I can see that for you it could sometimes be a distraction that you should control.

I am sure you will drop in quite regularly and that will be good all ways around   cool

Melody  Nov 21, 2019
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awe ill miss you CU

 Nov 21, 2019

aww have a good time there! (。・^・。)ノ

 Nov 21, 2019

I hope I'll see you on the AoPS forum!!!



Sad you are going though...



Maybe I should do the same ...

 Nov 21, 2019

wait why was my post removed and why is the rest invisible....i did not say anything bad. 
I just told him to ignore the mean guest who thinks they are better than everybody else. :(

 Nov 22, 2019

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