Hey guys! :) So I have been struggling with writing a narrative memoir for my grade 12 English assignment and it's due today... Does anyone by chance have any tips on how to write something like that? Here are some of the guidelines my teacher gave me: 

"Write a three to five paragraph narrative memoir in which you reflect on an object, place, or activity that symbolizes an important relationship with someone in your life; the chosen object, place or activity will in this way serve as a metaphor.

Use Walker's essay as a model (but not a template) in weaving together exposition, description, and narration in order to convey the nature and importance of the relationship."


I'd appreciate any help or advice you guys can offer! :) 

Supergirl  Apr 18, 2017

Oh I love english gimme a moment to answer :)

MysticalJaycat  Apr 18, 2017

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