Hi, does anyone know if there's a "greatest common number" function? My teacher said most programs for example write gcd(7788,1386)=66.

But when I try here, it says gcd is an unknown function. Is there another way to write it?

Guest Sep 5, 2018

 gcd(7788,1386)=66 is correct. I don't know if this calculator does "gcd" and "lcm". You can try "WolframAlpha" and it should give you the answer.

Guest Sep 5, 2018

I can't find "gcd" on this calculator.  I think the best you can do here is to use the "factor" function:


factor(7788) gives 22*3*11*59

factor(1386) gives 2*32*7*11


Take the highest power of each prime that is common to both and multiply them together.


Here that is:  2*3*11 → 66

Alan  Sep 6, 2018

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