Hey guys,


I doubt you remember me, but for a period of time back in 2014 I joined this site and posted daily riddles. I'd actually forgotten the site even existed until I recently came across the old computer I'd used at the time and saw the forum bookmarked. I'm happy to say that I guessed the login information, and managed to get into the account. Though I'm no longer a bright-eyed 11-year-old who didn't grasp the proper use of punctuation and was hardly qualified to answer anything more than the most simple mathematics, I remember enjoying my time on the site and am considering taking the "daily riddle" thing back up as a sort of mental break for the student and scholars that frequent the site (with a much needed name change). Your thoughts? 


Sincerely, Red.

 Nov 24, 2018

Hi Red,

Welcome back  laugh


I certainly do not mind if you throw a daily riddle our way.

I miss the fun that we used to have here.     

If you can reinvent some of it I think that would be nice :))

 Nov 24, 2018

I literally substituted for your old version from back then!

 Nov 24, 2018

(I'm just saying I'm an 11 year old that doesn't understand a lot of what is posted)

tanmai79  Nov 24, 2018

Who are you

 Nov 24, 2018

Who are YOU might me a more important question...

JohnyGotchaApples  Nov 27, 2018

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