Hi, i've been assigned a question but have no idea where to start - i'm guessing it involves trigonometric functions?


"Suppose that a new gym is looking to rent one floor from a 5-storey building (ground floor = floor 0, and then there are upper floors 1 - 5). The building has floors 1, 2 and 3 available to lease. Each floor of the building is 5 metres apart. The owner of the building has studied as a civil engineer and is concerned that the vibrations on the support beams caused by heavy weights being dropped will disturb the other tenants. After some experiments by dropping objects of varying weights, the building owner concluded that the average deviation of a support beam from the vertical is 0.0033 radians."


(a) Calculate the horizontal displacement of the support beam on the ground floor when a weight is dropped on (i) floor 1 (ii) floor 2 (iii) floor 3.


(b) Calculate the horizontal displacement of the support beam on the fifth floor when a weight is dropped on (i) floor 1 (ii) floor 2 (iii) floor 3.


Any help would be much appreciated, I've been trying to figure this question out for ages and haven't gotten anywhere =(

MooseFourteen  Apr 1, 2017

I am not positive what the question means but I will take a guess.


If a heavy object is dropped it puts stress on the beams and they move sideways by a tiny bit.


The floor below will be impacted by 

Tan (0.0033 radians) = x/5  metres



x=16.5mm  (That seems a lot)


2 floors below will be impacted  33mm

3 floors below will be impacted  3*16.5=49.5mm


b)  I'm even less sure here ...... maybe ....

There are 4 floors between the 1st and the fifth so maybe it is just    4*16.5 = 66mm  etc.

I am just guessing :)

Melody  Apr 1, 2017

By why does the deviation increase when going from first floor to second floor

Jumbo  Apr 4, 2017

Could you take this answer down please its giving an unfair advantage for this person in particular

heydudestopit  Apr 4, 2017
edited by heydudestopit  Apr 4, 2017

Hey man I'm in your class at university and I really dont think you should be using other people to answer your questions, I google searched about five words from our question and it came up with this result. This also may be against the guidelines of the uni so stay safe and ask a lecturer or someone else next time.

heydudestopit  Apr 4, 2017

dude uni isnt a competition, take all the help you can get. It's obviously not the best way to learn content though... 

Guest Apr 5, 2017

and yet you too have an account...

Guest Apr 5, 2017

"but have no idea where to start"


He clearly isn't asking for the answer directly. He want's an understanding of the question, not the direct answer. Like me, he probably needed help on this question late at night (past 12am) and so couldn't ask anybody on fb or irl. 


The responce provided by "Melody" helped immedietely, and I was able to answer the question within about 20 minutes. Melody didn't provide any actual answers to any questions. He gave an example and expects you to calculate the rest based on that.


Thank you Melody, as it was later at night and I had nobody to ask (also the same university).


Edit: Interesting that you found this topic in the first place whoever "heydudestopit" is. Any particular reason to be googling the question if you didn't intend to get more information from sources other than the university? It's a bit sus you found this topic in the first place.

Guest Apr 5, 2017
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