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Human hair from a grave in Africa proved to have only 94% of the carbon 14 of living tissue. When was the body buried? The half life of carbon 14 is 5730 years.

The body was buried about _______ years ago

Hint: First find r , then find t.

 Jun 12, 2018

94% = 100% x (1/2)^(n/5730), where n = Number of years

.94 = 1 x (1/2)^(n/5730)      take the log of both sides

n/5730 =Log(0.94) / Log(1/2)

n/5730 =0.089267.......        cross multiply

n =5730 x 0.089267

n =511.5 =~512 years ago.

Note: It is NOT necessary to find r and t, since the above formula works EXACTLY the same.

 Jun 12, 2018
edited by Guest  Jun 12, 2018

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