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Let $A_1 A_2 A_3 \dotsb A_{10}$ be a regular polygon. A rotation centered at $A_1$ with an angle of $\alpha$ takes $A_4$ to $A_8$. Given that $\alpha < 180^\circ$, find $\alpha,$ in degrees.



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btw this is NOT hw. It's my practice problems and I missed a class so I am kind of confused on how to do this kind of problem. Again, TYYYY!!

 Jun 12, 2021

SUm of the interior angles of the 10 sided polygon     (n-2)* 180 = 1440 degrees


1440/10 = 144 degrees each angle     the external angle is  180 - 144 = 36


alpha goes from 4 to 8    or   4 external angles        4 * 36 = 144   degrees



Here area couple of pictures:


 Jun 12, 2021

that's incorrect... sorry...

 Jun 12, 2021

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Melody  Jun 13, 2021

Here is your answer:

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72 degrees clockwise or  360-72 counterclockwise.

But you only want the little one.


 Jun 13, 2021

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