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Question Two:

 Mar 8, 2019

Hi Rudram,


this is how to do it 


1) What is the length of the bottom of the triangle?


2)what is Pythagoras's theory ?


3) You now have the hypotenuse of the triangle and also one of the short sides.

    You have to use Pythagoras's theorum to find the third side.


4)  The area of a triangle is   half x base x height    So find the area.


5) Find the area of the square   (Area = side squared)


6) Add the two areas together.


If you have problems show what you have done yourself and state where your problem arises. 



Please  no one answer over me. Giving a full answer will not help rudram learn :)

 Mar 8, 2019
edited by Melody  Mar 8, 2019

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