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The graph of  is shown in red below. Compute .


(Assume grid lines are spaced 1 unit apart.)












The graph of  is shown below in red. Given that  is invertible, find .

(Assume grid lines are spaced 1 unit apart.)

 Jun 24, 2019

What is this? Mad Libs? cheeky

 Jun 24, 2019

LOL that is a good joke man and you scored it like your post made the question answered XD 


Holy cow that is funny!!! 


cool cool cool

Nickolas  Jun 24, 2019

No, this is a math question that I have to ask.

 Jun 24, 2019

There aren't any questions or specifics here.  So, there is nothing to answer.



cool cool cool

CPhill  Jun 24, 2019

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