Happy birthday to an OG indeed. idk if she still active or not on here but a long time ago she was and she was real cool to talk to. besides her being good at math, she was better at being a nemesis and is a great friend. i saw melody's recent post wishing Cal a happy birthday (happy late birthday btw Cal) and so i felt compelled to make a happy birthday post for Rosala. im not sure if its still the 17th of september in India, but its still the 17th of september where i live so im not late. rosala if youre reading this, i hope you had a good day and i hope life treating you well, sis. 


well there i made my annual post; ill see everyone next year.

 Sep 17, 2021




 Sep 18, 2021

Hi TitaniumRome,


It is really good to see you here.  And lovely of you to think about Rosala's birthday. 

I also thought of it but it has been such a long time since she made an appearance....

You are obviously looking on from the sidelines. Why don't you make yourself visible more often than just once a year!

I'd really like that.  I miss all the old crowd.  (no offence to the new people intended)


Anyway, I'm really pleased that you have dropped in and I hope you are doing well.


Also a very big happy birthday to Rosala and I hope life is being kind to you also.   It would be nice to see you here too  wink



 Sep 18, 2021



Heyyyy it's been so long. I'm in contact with Rosala still through Instagram I'll let her know to come back and check out the website. This is an insane coincidence that I decided to check out the website around her birthday, it's almost like fate. I just saw TitaniumRome online and wanted to check. Ahh, it feels so good and nostalgic to be back here. I hope everyone's doing well :))

 Sep 19, 2021

Happy birthday Rosala. :))



 Sep 19, 2021

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