If I turn a Rubik's cube 13 times, and you turn a Rubik's cube 13 times, what's the probability my scramble is the same as yours?

 Nov 6, 2018

Six sides of the cube can be rotated two ways so 12 possible moves each time....(?)

  each move has only 1/12 of a chance of being the same

I think this is going to be a very large denominator fraction!..


Wait a minute....I think you can move the MIDDLE  of a face.....right?

    SO the number of moves would be even larger (depending on the size of the cube)

       Mind numbing  trying to visualize.   I think a 3 x 3 has 18 possible moves each time....

 Nov 6, 2018
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each one has a chance of 1/12,so if you do it 13 times,it is 12 times 13,which is 132. However,that is only for one side. You have to multiply that by the number of sides on a rubix cube,plus the factors of the table and the location of the spin. However,this is all easier said than done. If someone else could calculate these factors,that would be the correct answer.

 Nov 6, 2018
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Wow! I never thought it would be that easy to solve it!

 Nov 8, 2018

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