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I have attached my Custom Property Tab Builder screen shot. Here's the deal.....

For whatever reason that I can't think of...My custom property Material Grade Code is acting up. It's the only one of my custom properties that is doing this and I am just wondering if its a bug or issue with using the "Parent" feature when using a "List" type field. When I am doing a part and fill out my custom properties I get to this field and select my appropriate pull down selection. Everything good right? Well no because when I go to save or create a drawing I get the warning window saying properties have changed. For whatever reason it is blanking out my Material Grade Code Property. Then I go back to the Custom Property Fly out and sure enough my selection is gone. Its the only property that does this. I am now losing that information downstream where I have it called out in my drawings. Does anyone have any suggestions why this is doing this??


Please help.

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 Feb 13, 2018

I have always had better luck when the actual property name had no spaces. So I would suggest you copy the Description down to the property name and remove the spaces. I'm guessing that's 2014?




 Feb 13, 2018

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