how is everyone today if you are having a good day what is making your day good and if you are bad day tell me how your day is bad

DarkCalculis  Apr 17, 2018

everyday is good because you are alive and if your day is bad, 

you are alive and can do something to change it to good.

Guest Apr 17, 2018

My day is good for the most part. I did just get a 100% on a math quiz and my birthday is on Thursday. Yesterday wasnt the best day because i tripped on my brother and we both got bløødy. He got it better though because he landed on the grass. I hit the driveway and got a bloødy lip and knee

Donut  Apr 17, 2018
edited by Donut  Apr 17, 2018
edited by Donut  Apr 17, 2018
edited by Donut  Apr 17, 2018

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