Hello everyone that is vewing this "question".  I have a couple questions here. Forgive me here I'm a new user.  

To start off what are the guidlines for this site?    How is this any differnet from yahoo answers? And how would I know if someone answered my question?  

who are the mods here?

when was this site created (I feel like I'm "late") 


what is the purpose of this site?


And is this considered as "spam".


Also, this site looks dead

 Mar 16, 2018
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Hello "RainbowPanda" ???!!!.

 Mar 16, 2018

Welcome, quilly!  

  This site has been around for about 5 years. It is a MATH forum where you can get any MATH questions you may have answered by real people. Anyone who happens to be signed on can answer (or attempt to answer), your Q's.  The answers may have an explanation (usually...but not always).......and there are no guarantees they are correct....but they usually are.

  Please try to keep your posts related to MATH if possible....if you have a follow up question about an answer you have seen posted, please post in to the original thread to avoid confusion and clutter on the forum site.  Please ....DON'T post the same question multiple times.   Sometimes looking at others Q's will find the answer for which you are looking.  We are not here to do all of your homework, but rather here to assist you with understanding your homework so YOU can do it.

  This is not a dating site, so please message someone from the Messaging Center if you need a slightly more private venue.

  It is also not a forum for posting poems, jokes, songs, tirades or religious musings....try to keep it 'Math-y'  cheeky


I have never used Yahoo Answers, so I do not know how it compares !


Have fun !  cheeky

 Mar 16, 2018

Hello quilly!

Yeah, like everyone said, it's a forum where you can answer and ask questions about math.

At times, people post some stuff that are fun, but there's been like a "dead" streak for about 2 months now...

You're not forced to post something that is not related to math. In fact, you'll probably get more views and likes when you post something that is funny...laugh

But yeah, like ElectricPalov said, for private conversations, use messaging.

You know, I've been waiting for something other than math to pop up for a very long time... so this is interesting

Don't worry, it seems like everyone here likes new members.

I'm hoping everyone will liven things up here now. Not everything needs to be math-y...

But...yeah. Don't post random stuff for no reason and continuously posting un-math-y stuff isn't really a good idea. There are people who need help with their math here.

And no, this post is not considered spam. You can post something like this occasinally and everything will be fine.


 Mar 16, 2018

Repost of answer #1 for Quilly’s really stu pid questions. It’s better than the claptrap that’s here.   


Additional comments.  The fact you have three serious answers for incredibly stu pid and inane questions  is proof that you will fit right in this network. Synth and ghosty are kids, EP is no kid, but he does act like one quite often.


Original post:


This question is a little more complex than the usual posted bulllshit, but I think I can answer your questions.


To start off what are the guidlines for this site?   


The guidelines are explained in the TOS—there is a link on most pages. You are probably too stu pid to understand them, so I’ll give a simplistic explanation.

Ask wherever the fu ck you want.  No question is too stu pid for this forum. Your post is an excellent example of the stupidity that’s tolerated on here.  You’ll actually get an answer most of the time— like now.


How is this any differnet from yahoo answers?

There is no difference. I’m surprised you realized this wasn’t Yahoo. 


and how would I know if someone answered my question?  

That is a major problem on here. Most askers just keep asking the same question over and over until they notice an answer.  Another problem is figuring out if the answer is correct.


who are the mods here?

No one knows. Their identities are secret.


when was this site created (I feel like I'm "late") 

It came on line a few days ago. Nothing exists much before you are aware of it.

You probable have always been late. You definitely were late the moment you came into this rabbit hole. 


what is the purpose of this site?

No one seems to know what the fu ck it’s for.   


and is this considered as "spam".

 Yes, but that’s not a problem here. Everyone is totally use to it.


Also, this site looks dead

It is. It started to decompose the instant you arrived. 

You should just use Yahoo!

 Mar 17, 2018

Hey hey guest, no need to be aggressive. As you can see I'm a noob here. But, you were most likely excessively inept, making it impossible to comprehend that. :) 

quilly  Mar 22, 2018

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