Just wanted to know who my friends were on this site. So tell me whats one quality that you do or don't like about this forum. Tell me what you would like to change if you don't like it. Keep in mind that I don't actually have the power to change anything.

 Jan 14, 2019

My favorite thing is probably all the helpful people on this site to be honest. And the calculator too.

 Jan 14, 2019

I know right...I think the creators of this site truly are brilliant people.

ClownPrinceofChaos  Jan 14, 2019

I honestly haven't been on in a while, a couple of years in fact. The people here remained kind and friendly but the things that were immediately noticeable after 2-3yrs was the quality of questions on the website, it's not fair. Also, this site definitely has the potential to grow bigger and expand to help more people but I don't know what's up with the direction it's taking...

 Jan 14, 2019

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