Hello everyone,


im sure this has really surprised you becoz i was gone for many days!Anyways now im back and will try to be regular so  i have thought to post a laugh!ive got many pictures this time!hehe!



Wow!why leave the house , i would never leave this sofa!wow!




Unfortunately thats true!


wow!what method do you call this hun?


Yes thats the sad reality!but my brother doesnt have a phone, so.......his playground scene isnt like this!(his freinds too dont have one )


You know such people are just..........hilarious!


So whose your that one friend?


Umm!now i dont feel so shame becoz every teacher that comes in our class always says " this is the worst class i have ever seen " so that just now doesnt feel shame!lol!


I would love to do that you know.....


This guy has really less kids ....dont u think 


LOL!can anyone please explain me the question 


i wish i had seen this before.......becoz til now.....i draw the thing but if i had known we could do this....i would never write more than two alphabets!


Hope you arent struggling with this 


Maybe you should!


More than 100% true!


Okay so lets end it with a gift of heaven!


Oh wow wow wow!if it was in my hand , there wouldnt be a minute waited for it to get down my throat!just yum!



Okay so that was it!hope you guys like it!


And i see some people have returned , so i'd say a Welcome Back to them and some people unfortunately , have gone , so i'd say ...we'll all miss you heartly and are missing too!


anyways this post isnt meant to be made to spread the funeral kind of peace , its menat to spread joy and laughs and fun all over so i hope you liked this post!and hope you all are having an awesome time!


for me holidays till Monday , till this very famous or the most important festival finishes!you know , out here , at night there are all fire works  every where!rockets lightening up the sky and every where there is so much glitter!its like Amerian Independence Day or maybe more than that becoz there is not a single corner left without light!its all so beautiful!So out here , people are heartly enjoying this big festival spread all over India!


so hope your weekend is going amazing too!im just gonna relax , read my issued book and then prepare for Monday's test!


hope you've liked this!


Enjoy your week!


rosala  Oct 22, 2014

Best Answer 


Those are hilarious! 



geno3141  Oct 22, 2014

Hey, rosala.......save some of that ice cream for me.....!!!!!!   LOL!!! ........great pics!!!!

BTW........what festival is going on ????


CPhill  Oct 22, 2014
Best Answer

Those are hilarious! 



geno3141  Oct 22, 2014

They were really excellent Rosala.

We really miss you when you are not about.  

I am very glad that you are back and that you have bought a fun post with  you. :)

Melody  Oct 23, 2014

Thank you Melody , Geno and CPhill!im glad you all liked all those pics!and im not sure i can save it for you CPhill becoz that ice cream is just so yum!


Even i miss everyone when im not here so thats why i thought to come!


And CPhill i'll message you about that festival! 


rosala  Oct 23, 2014

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