I know sokme bad things have been goin around about your dear buddy Mista J, but you musn't beleive a word of it. Friends must have complete faith in eachother at all time, otherwise we wouldn't be friends HA. Now I would like to make a little specail announcement. Two  months of our new year is gone and the world is already going to h**l with or without me. Sooo I wonder who's side will you be on when this world falls. Yes I'm talking about politics...or am I. I'll let you decide and depending on what you think It'll decide which part of the world you stand with. 

It's a question enough to drive anyone insane HA giggle

ClownPrinceofChaos  Feb 28, 2017

l personally could care less about politics. We must keep in mind that we do not need government but it does add a sense of security hence the Social Contract Theory by my ol' pals Thomas Hobbs, Rousseau, and John Locke.

HighSchoolCalculus  Mar 1, 2017

What kind of social contract do they have? Are they all gay for each other?

Let me guess: They have a polyandrous marriage contract. 

Guest Mar 1, 2017

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