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 Mar 21, 2018

The 1st one would be the answer. 

The reason I chose the 1st one instead of the 2nd one is b/c if you see the Domain, it goes all across on both sides and covers each value. As for the range, it doesn't. 

 Mar 21, 2018

This is a hyperbola that intercepts the y axis


Here's the graph, NSS




The center  is  (0,0)


Putting this into standard form by dividing both sides by 84  we have


y^2            x^2

___    -    _____     =     1

  7              28


The domain is all real numbers because the graph  extends to infinity in both directions along the x axis

The  range  is   y ≤ - √7   and  y  ≥ √7


The first answer is correct



cool cool cool

 Mar 21, 2018

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