Fill in the blank with a constant, so that the resulting expression can be factored as the product of two linear factors.
3mn - 6m + 7n + ___

 Feb 3, 2022

First let's try and factor what we can first. Since the coefficient of m is -6, then we know that the first part of the parenthesis when factored should look something like this:

(3m _ _)(n _ _)


Then we can plug in some values, since we know that the coefficient of m is -6, we divide -6 by 3, and get -2. Then the expression is:

(3m _ _)(n - 2)


Since the coefficient of n is 7, then the expression is:

(3m + 7)(n - 2).


When done factoring, the expression should look like:



Once the parenthesis are opened, you will see that the constant is -14.



 Feb 3, 2022

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