Sandy's daughter has a playhouse in the back yard. She plans to cover the one shaded exterior wall and the two rectangular faces of the roof, also shaded, with a special siding to resist the elements. The siding is sold only in 8-foot by 12-foot sections that cost $\$27.30$ each. If Sandy can cut the siding when she gets home, how many dollars will be the cost of the siding Sandy must purchase?

 Apr 6, 2020

The area of the one shaded exterior wall is 6 feet * 8 feet which equals 48 ft^2. The roof has two rectangles of equal area each of which is 5*8= 40 ft^2. Thata means the area of the region she wants to have special siding for is 48+40*2= 128 ft^2. Since the siding only comes in 8*12= 96 ft^2 sizes, you'll need 2 to cover the whole thing. That makes your answer $27.30*2= $54.60.



Hope it helps!

 Apr 6, 2020

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