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There are only red cabbages, white cabbages and green cabbages in a sack.

The ratio of the number of red cabbages to the number of white cabbages is 3:29


Puljay takes at random a cabbage from the sack.

The probability that the cabbage is green is 0.2


Work out the probability that Puljay takes a red cabbage.


Thank you!

 Jan 7, 2019

Probability of green is .2    that means the remaining cabbages represent  0.8 of the total


3:29 is possibly 32 cabbages


32 = .8x   x = 40 total cabbages        


3:29    means there are 3 reds and 29 whites and 8 greens    out of 40


red/40 = 3/40 = .075 chance of picking a red one

 Jan 7, 2019

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