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I have no idea:

David drove a distance (d) of 187km, to 3 significant figures. He used 28 litres of petrol (p), to 2 significant figures.
The petrol consumption (c) in km per litre is given by the formula: c= d/p
By considering bounds, work out the value of c, to a suitable degree of accuracy. You must show your working and give a reason for your answer.
Thank You!

 Dec 13, 2018

I'm not totally comfortable with sig figs, but I believe that the answer can only be expressed as accurately as least number of sig figs  of any data used in the computations.....thus ....the answer should be rounded to 2 sig figs




187 / 28   =  6.67   ⇒  6.7 km / L     [rounded to 2 sig figs ]



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 Dec 13, 2018

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