The standard height from the floor to the bull's-eye at which a standard dartboard is hung is 5 feet 8 inches. A standard dartboard is 18 inches in diameter.

Suppose a standard dartboard is hung at standard height so that the bull's-eye is 11 feet from a wall to its left.

Samuel throws a dart at the dartboard that lands at a point 11.5 feet from the left wall and 5.5 feet above the floor.

Does Samuel's dart land on the dartboard?

 Jan 17, 2020

Standard form of circle    (x-h)^2 + 9y-k)^2 = r ^2    where (h,k) is the center ....



the DIAMETER is 18    so the radius is 9 INCHES   9 INCHES = 3/4 ft       r^2 = 9/16 

                         now look at the answers that have this part   1st or 3rd one

                       (remember to keep everything in feet    or in inches (feet is easier) )


The CENTER of the circle is now at  (x,y) =   (11, 5 2/3)         because 5 ft 8 in =   5 2/3 ft      (this was given in the Q)

        this will be  (h,k)     which equation fits this  (the first or third)????


This should get you started........  cheeky

 Jan 17, 2020

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