Completely factor 27x- 512y3




Completely factor 4x2-9y2


I am having issues with these certain problems. Please explain if possible how to do this. I want to figure it out but it's not on any of my lessons that the teacher has released. 

 Jan 30, 2020

Hello KaylaDoodlez,

For the first one:


If you want "Binomial factoring" 

Then there is no common factor for 27 and 512 

Thus factoring it by a common factor isn't possible.

There is a formula for this:



We will use the second one as it is similar to your question "Difference between the two cubics" 




Second question: 

Difference between squares. 



hope that helped, you really need to memorize the formula and have practice! 

 Jan 31, 2020

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