First of all. I would like to formally apolagize to everyone, as my last question wasn't very informative or detailed and I am truly sorry for upsetting anyone. 


This is the question from my Pace:

The volume of a paint can is 215 in2. If the height of the can is 7.5 in, what is the radius to the whole number?


I have looked through my pace but I can't find anywhere where it properly explains this. Please help.

 Jun 19, 2017

What's a "pace?" Is it a workbook, are you in a private school or something?

 Jun 19, 2017

Pyscho Baker, I'm homeschooled, doing Distance Education, and my school sends me paces, It's basically a 10 - 50 page workbook, with lots of questions and all that stuff, but the thing is a lot of the stuff they explain very poorly cause they don't have space to put massive detailed instructions. it sucks.

ImTooHot2Die  Jun 20, 2017



Volume would normally be given as inches^3....I'm going to assume that it is supposed to be


215 in ^3


The paint can is a cylinder.....and the volume of a cylinder is


pi * radius ^2 * height


Filling in what we know, we have


215  = pi * radius^2 * 7.5      


Divide both sides by  pi *  7.5


[215 / ( pi * 7.5) ]  = radius^2


Take the square root of both sides


sqrt [  215 / (pi * 7.5) ]  =  radius  = about 3.02 inches  =  about 3 inches to the nearest whole number


Hope that helped....!!!



cool cool cool

 Jun 20, 2017

CPhill, Oh my gosh, yes! you're a genius. thank you so much! 

ImTooHot2Die  Jun 20, 2017

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